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Abacus Market has been trading on the darknet since September 2021. Our longevity on the darknet proves that we are the real deal. Not BS, not scams, not hacks. Our goal is to give both suppliers and customers an excellent experience. We are extremely proud of the fact that we have become the largest darknet market in the world after years of hard work and dedication. Our objective is to become the first darknet market to trade for at least ten years - beating Dream Market's current record of six years - whilst remaining as the number one darknet market throughout. We sincerely hope you will join us in this darknet revolution.

AVOID using any clearnet links (such as those ending in .online or .link). These will always be phishing sites. The official Abacus Market is only available on the darknet via the Tor browser.

Abacus Market Home Page

Since being live on the darknet, we've enhanced the forum, corrected all reported bugs, improved our captcha, updated the network architecture, and even changed our name (originally we were known as Alphabet Market). As we expand, we're always working to improve our search capabilities, and our interface now has the polished appearance that our users have become accustomed to. Look around, then join us for a shopping trip! In our forum, you can converse and discuss your experiences.

Abacus Market Features

Bitcoin and Monero supported.
Products include Drugs, Services, Counterfeits, Fraud & Digital
Deposit to wallet or pay at checkout (walletless pay).
Escrow Protection
Escrow protection with buyer extension where needed.
Abacus Market Commission
Fixed 5% commission for sellers. None for buyers.
Abacus Market Commission
Advanced encryption, PIN, DDOS and anti-bot protection.

Getting Started on Abacus Market

To register on Abacus Market, simply choose a private and public username, PIN code, login phrase (to protect from phishing) and then complete the simple rotating captcha challenge.

Abacus Market Register
Abacus Market Captcha

Make of note of mnenomic code provided in case you need to recover your account, then proceeds to login with your new Abacus Market account details.

Abacus Market Login

Abacus Market Products for Sale

Abacus Market features more than 40,000 product listings within the following categories:

  • Drugs & Chemicals
  • Counterfeit items
  • Digital Products
  • Fraud
  • Guides & Tutorials
  • Jewels & Gold
  • Carded items
  • Services
  • Software & Malware
  • Security & Hosting
  • Other Listings

Note that Abacus Market does not allow any abuse related material or any products containing fent. Any vendors caught listing such items will be banned from the market.

Abacus Market Vendor Feedback

All of our products can be purchased using either Bitcoin or Monero. Simply search for what you're looking for, then deposit the necessary amount of cryptocurrency to the market wallet. Finally, proceed to the checkout and provide your shipping information.

Abacus Market Example Product

You can view detailed information about every vendor including all previous feedback received. With so many active buyers, it's not hard to find products and vendors with a great deal of feedback.

Information for Abacus Market Buyers

  • Each user has a wallet assigned. Just send the coins Bitcoin or Monero and wait for at least 2 confirmations for Bitcoin and 10 for Monero. If the networks are busy, it will take longer. You will need to wait at least 1 hour before you make a ticket. If you don't want to wait, use Monero as this typically reaches 10 confirmations in 20 minutes and has lower fees.

  • Please save your mnemonic phrase (provided when you sign up), it is the only way to retrieve your account in the event you lose your password.

  • If you need to raise a dispute due to an order not arriving or not being correct, you will have 24 hours to agree a resolution with the vendor. Once that time is over, a moderator will look into a solution. You do not need to invite the moderator if you can solve the issue with the vendor. The vendor will have 48 hours to reply. If no communication is received, the dispute will be ruled in your favor.

  • We have a strong escrow system in place to safeguard purchasers, much like most darknet markets. Funds are released to the vendor's wallet only when a transaction is finished. Escrow times vary from five to fourteen days, although you have the option to prolong them or, in the event that your product arrives before the deadline, to close early. Escrow is only not required for Finalize Early (FE) orders, and these are only available to the most reliable and respectable suppliers. After an order is placed, you can inform other prospective customers by leaving product feedback. You have sixty days to change your feedback.

Information for Abacus Market Vendors

  • The vendor bond on Abacus Market is €500 (500 Euros). This is payable in BTC, or XMR. Vendors with excellent history on other established markets such as ASAP Market, Tor2Door, Incognito Market and Bohemia Market can apply for a bond waiver.

  • Vendors must register their PGP Key on the market before they can trade. And yes, 2FA must be enabled.

  • Misleading product descriptions will initially result in a warning, and may eventually lead to you being banned.

  • FE status is only given to the vendors with very large vendors from elsewhere, or those with 1,500 orders completed on Abacus Market (in conjunction with excellent feedback). This is always at the discretion of our team.

  • Too disputes or complaints against you, attempting to sell banned products (such as fent), or any dox threat, will result in you being banned from Abacus Market, and any accured funds with be forfeited.

  • Any communication or attempt to contact buyers outside of the market's messaging channels will result in a ban. Our buyers must not be scammed.

We look forward to seeing you on Abacus Market soon!

Abacus Darknet Market Team